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Northville Football Parents Association (NFPA)

What is NFPA?

The Northville Football Parents Association (NFPA) provides funding to help support the rich tradition of the Northville High School football program. The NFPA considers athletes to be an integral part of the outstanding Northville learning community and is dedicated to providing appropriate, safe facilities and equipment to the players.

All parents of football players are part of the NFPA and are asked to volunteer to help in some way.

Purpose of NFPA Board

The NFPA Board is a volunteer, non-chartered organization of football parents that plans, organizes and conducts the various fundraising activities and programs of the NFPA which directly support the football program and coaching staff.  The NFPA Board is not directly affiliated with the Northville Booster Club but does have a representative within the Northville Booster Club.

The NFPA Board meets monthly to plan and carry out the many events in the Northville High School football program. These meetings are open too all NHS football parents.

Minutes of NFPA meetings and NFPA monthly budgets are available upon request.

NFPA Board Members

Cheryl Kuban Class of 2025
Cathy Rankin Class of 2025
Rachel Brohl Class of 2026
Alison Link Class of 2026
Mark McGarrow Class of 2026
Chris Schuckel Class of 2026
Jenni Schuckel Class of 2026
Stacey Stover Class of 2026
Dan Gilmartin Class of 2027
Kelly Knotts Class of 2027
Lisa Moffa Class of 2027
Susan Nathan Class of 2027
Jen Stuzin Class of 2027